Super Mario Bros. 3 Advance Official Site - News
Anyone think that SMB3A is dead? No! :D

My friend is currently develop some levels in SMB3A. And he is making a flash version of it! If you're too lazy to download the game, play it online. Flash version coming soon! Very good for Linux and Mac users. ;)

Oh yeah! And I also updated the look of the website! Comment if you like it or not! You can also visit my store to buy items for donations of my projects. ;)

Check out the video section for the flash!

And plus, since I got several Asian family issues and limitations (no offense,) I'll be rarely online.
I started to revive SMB3A using Hello Mario Engine III and add more features to the game. Plus, I made a jumpthrough slopes, which is the first successful jumpthrough slopes in Hello Mario Engines!!! Now v0.04 is released!!! Go to the download page and DOWNLOAD!!!
This time for real!!! Since a lot of people complains that making super mario bros 3 clone is extremely boring! So it's canceled!

It takes me some time to do it with custom skins and smiles.
Click HERE to see it.


SMB3A now in Saturn Mario Engine II, it will be released later due to technical problem. And BTW, no more announcing release date!


Since I'm working on SME2(Saturn Mario Engine 2), I will extend the release date to mid-March.


SMB3A website is almost finished!!! Exactly two months from my B-day!


New Powerup - War Suit

New level - Deadly tanks

New Music - Mario Forever


Woot!!! Here is my brand new website of SMB3A!!!
BTW, SMB3A is no longer in HME3 (Hello Mario Engine III), I made an own engine for SMB3A! It's called SME (Saturn Mario Engine) :)

Welcome to the new site of SMB3A! (This mario fangame is from MFGG)